Are you able to deploy java classes to be used in service tasks?


I am wondering if a java class can be deployed (via REST API) and called via a service task.

I have the program

package org.camunda.bpm;

class Foo{
    public static void main(){

    public Foo(){
	Foo myFoo = new Foo();

and am attempting to call it via a service task with classpath org.camunda.bpm.Foo

I deployed both the java file and the bpmn to Camunda using Postman but am getting a ClassNotFoundException when trying to start the bpmn process. Is my classpath wrong in the bpmn? Is there a default classpath that the REST service deploys a class to? Or is this something that cannot be done?


Hi @Kevin_Gilboy,

Deploying Java classes via a process deployment is not possible. Have you considered using scripts?



Hi @thorben,

Ah okay, thank you! Yes I have, my company has some pre-written classes and I was wondering if I could implement them.