Assign Task API is failing saying assignee is empty

Hi All,

I am using Camunda 8 version Task List API for assigning a task to a user. I am initiating the request from the postman with JWT bearer token with request body as shown below.
Request body :{
“assignee”: “demo”,
“allowOverrideAssignment”: true

But, It is always giving the error as {
“status”: 400,
“message”: “Assignee must be specified”,
“instance”: “c89f222b-05e7-498f-aead-61530e48e80e”

In the Tasklist api documentation, it is mentioned that if we are using JWT token then body must be specified while calling the api.

Though, I am sending the request with body, service is not recognizing it.
Please let me know if I am missing anything here.


Hello @Shaik.Saleem ,

can you please indicate the exact version you are using for Tasklist?

Best regards,

I am using 8.3.1 version. I tried a different way to set the request body (assignee) via zeebe client and I am able to set the assignee successfully.

@Shaik.Saleem I’m not seeing anything wrong with your request, but can you please send the curl command generated by PostMan, so I can evaluate headers and everything?


Hello @Shaik.Saleem,

how did you generate your JWT bearer token?
Are you sending a session token in a Cookie?