Assign task B to a user/group from current task A

Hi All,

I have claimed and in task A as user X; but I want to assign task B to another user Y from this current task A. I am trying to achieve this by using End Event Listener for task A. As I know execution id of task B so I could get DelegateTask object for task B.

I am doing following
task.addCandidateGroup("some group id"); task.setAssignee("user Y id");

But assignments are failing…

Could you please let me know what mistake I am doing…

Alok Anand

Hi Alok Anand,

Your description is not completely clear to me. For clarification, could you please

  • post a simple process model that shows this pattern
  • provide the context in which the assignment code is executed (e.g. if it is an execution listener, please post the complete listener class and where in the process the listener is invoked)
  • provide the reason why your current solution does not work (e.g. do you get an exception? If yes, what is the stacktrace?)


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