Assign User Task to two possible assignees

in C7 there was a possibility to assign a user task to canididate Users.
How is this handeled in C8?
I have some User Tasks wich only should be done by two candidates. And they aren’t in a Group.

Hi @Anri :wave: and welcome to our forums!

User task assignments are also possible in C8.

But it works a bit different from what you were used to in C7. To migrate user task assignments from C7 to C8 please have a look here.

You can also read more about the best practices of user task assignment in C8 here.

Hi and thanks for the answere,
may I have to be a bit more precise.

In a bunch of processes a permit from a supervisor or a substitute is needed to be processed.
The corresponding supervisor and substitute are managed by a service task. In a following User Task i want either the supervisor or substitute to give the permit.
Here i’m struggle how to assign this User Task. As in documentation mentioned it should be a Group. So my Service Task has to create a new Group, assign the Group to the Task and delete it after completion?

If the candidate group is always the same (e.g. something like permit_reviewer, supervisor, or permit-approver), then you can just use one of those as the User Task’s candidateGroups value.

Note that:

Typically, the assignee and candidate groups are defined as static values (e.g. some_username and sales, operations ), but they can also be defined as expressions (e.g. = and = remove(reviewers, ).

Although candidate groups is plural, you can provide a single group as well. So for example, your User Task could have permit_reviewer as its candidate groups.

If you use the Tasklist GraphQL API you can now retrieve the list of candidate groups for this task to decide whether or not the currently logged in user can see and work on this task.

Does that help?

A bit yes - thank you

It’s a bit confusing. In C7 I just put the two usernames in CandidateAssignees and in C8 i have to make a group with the assignees and bind the group to the task…
I like the C7 way a bit more. In our company we can’t always create a group for something like that since we sync with an Active Directory

Thanks for clarifying. That’s really valuable feedback. :heart:

Of course, C7 has already been under development for many years, and C8 has a long way to catch up. The User Task Assignment feature in C8 was built in an effort to move toward feature parity, but the scope was intentionally kept small. The intention was to cover most of the use cases. I’ll reach out to our product management team, so they’re aware of this use case.

For now, I hope the current functionality does allow you to work around this limitation. Let me know how it goes.

EDIT: Please note that you’re free to put any data in the candidateGroups, so effectively you can also just put the names of the users in there. It’s not so nice, but it would work.

The Edit rises new questions … :slight_smile:

Is there any Logic behind the Attribute candidateGroups or is it “just” an Attribute to filter the API Querys ?

May we have a chat in slack / teams or anything. I’ve a bunch of questions…

May we have a chat in slack / teams or anything. I’ve a bunch of questions…

It may save us some time, but asking these questions on our public forums helps other community members to find these answers too. If you have other questions, please open a new topic. That makes it easier for others to search for them.

For more specific help I can of course also recommend our consulting service and enterprise support. :smile:

Is there any Logic behind the Attribute candidateGroups or is it “just” an Attribute to filter the API Querys

It’s just an attribute at this time because our own Tasklist doesn’t have a notion about groups yet, AFAIK. It exists so you can access it from the GraphQL API.

That makes it a lot simpler for me… Thank you!

I will open new Topics, for sure!

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