Assignee from previous Task

Hello, this once again assignees. I want to assign the same assignee to successive user tasks.
Scenario is as follows:
Agent A takes the first task and completes it. The second task is immediately reassigned to agent A. Now the assignee could switch to assignee B (but doesn’t have to). From then on, all subsequent activities should be assigned to agent B until the agent switches again.

my idea was the implementation of a variable, which saves the current assignee when finishing a task and assigns it to the next task. But maybe there is a nicer best practice. Please let me know your opinion

Thanks again

@Anri you can a assign listener on user task one and set global variable as part of assignment event and use that variables in assignment expression of second task

This is only going to work with Camunda 7. Camunda 8 does not have listeners.

The question is in the Camunda 8 topic - is that what you are using @Anri?


Thanks for your work! But @jwulf is correct. I use C8. So i need the same thing for that…

In another BPM system we use, this assignment is called “Last User In Lane”. It assigns the task to the user from the previous activity in that swimlane. It would be great to have that in C8.

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Is exporter an alternative to listeners in camunda 8? How do I achieve something like task listeners in camunda to perform some action on assignment, creation , completion etc

Is there any update to this since recent updates?
How can I assign a User task to the previous user who completed a User task.

By now I try to use a process instance variable. Since I use a self made Task list I can modify on each completion. But I try to use as much camunda given features I can.