Assignee max length in history

We are experiencing some odd behaviour related to the length of task assignees. By coincidence the id of a user contains 69 characters (which is very long indeed) and creation of a task assigned to this user is failing. We noticed that the exception is thrown from an insertion into the assignee_ field of the act_hi_actinst table. Apparently the limit for that field is 64 characters. The limit for the assignee in act_ru_task is 255, as is the field in act_hi_task and act_ru_identitylink. Is this expected behaviour or a mismatch between the field lengths?

This is the exception we are getting:

Batch entry 0 UPDATE\n am.ACT_HI_ACTINST\n SET\n EXECUTION_ID_ = ‘ece6b71d-6eaa-11ea-bcc3-0a580add3c0c’,\n PROC_DEF_KEY_ = ‘some-process’,\n PROC_DEF_ID_ = ‘17749d42-59f1-11ea-becd-0a580add2a42’,\n ACT_ID_ = ‘some-task’,\n ACT_NAME_ = ‘Some task’,\n ACT_TYPE_ = ‘userTask’,\n PARENT_ACT_INST_ID_ = ‘for-every-something:ece6b71e-6eaa-11ea-bcc3-0a580add3c0c’\n \n , ASSIGNEE_ = ‘f:e4538ada-c76a-45b7-a845-ec7bc6adfa5b:’\n , TASK_ID_ = ‘ece7c791-6eaa-11ea-bcc3-0a580add3c0c’\n \n \n WHERE\n ID_ = ‘ece6de30-6eaa-11ea-bcc3-0a580add3c0c’ was aborted: ERROR: value too long for type character varying(64)

For an immediate solution, is there any objection against increasing the limit for the historic activity instance table?

Hate to bump the topic, but it would be nice if somebody can comment whether this is expected behaviour or it’s potentially a bug :slight_smile: