Async service task getting stuck for Oracle but not for MySql on wildfly


I made the service tasks which are implemented as Java classes in my workflows asynchronous before, but they get stuck on those service task for Oracle db. I do not see any errors. I am deploying my spring MVC application on wildfly. This is not an issue with MYSQL db.

Appreciate any help.

It could be that you’re not using the correct driver for your Oracle DB.
Can you give more details about your setup?

I forgot to mention that workflows with sync service tasks are executed fine. Only when I change those service task to asyn before the workflows get stuck on very first async service task.

We are have deployed our Spring Web App [Java 8] on Wildfly 19. We are using hibernate 5.3.0 and Spring 5.0.2.

These are the locations of the oracle driver-

Am I missing any driver required by the transaction manager?

Contents of the act_ru_job table-

Insert into DEX_13202.ACT_RU_JOB (ID_,REV_,TYPE_,LOCK_EXP_TIME_,LOCK_OWNER_,EXCLUSIVE_,EXECUTION_ID_,PROCESS_INSTANCE_ID_,PROCESS_DEF_ID_,PROCESS_DEF_KEY_,RETRIES_,EXCEPTION_STACK_ID_,EXCEPTION_MSG_,DUEDATE_,REPEAT_,HANDLER_TYPE_,HANDLER_CFG_,DEPLOYMENT_ID_,SUSPENSION_STATE_,JOB_DEF_ID_,PRIORITY_,SEQUENCE_COUNTER_,TENANT_ID_,CREATE_TIME_) values (‘11e6c519-2954-11eb-8a80-005056b01420’,5,‘message’,to_timestamp(‘17-NOV-20 PM’,‘DD-MON-RR HH.MI.SSXFF AM’),‘cb85e0f0-5c9a-426a-90d4-e88468f1c523’,1,‘11136f79-2954-11eb-8a80-005056b01420’,‘11136f79-2954-11eb-8a80-005056b01420’,‘transmit_preprocess:3:cb322f04-2953-11eb-8a80-005056b01420’,‘transmit_preprocess’,3,null,null,null,null,‘async-continuation’,‘transition-create-scope’,‘cb225081-2953-11eb-8a80-005056b01420’,1,‘cb322f05-2953-11eb-8a80-005056b01420’,0,1,null,to_timestamp(‘17-NOV-20 PM’,‘DD-MON-RR HH.MI.SSXFF AM’));

Also attached a screenshot of the workflow and the cockpit

Thanks for your help. Appreciate it.

Hi @jayshrin

Can you take a look at the Style Guide? It’ll help you understand how to format code correctly and also help you create questions that are easy to understand and also easier to answer :slight_smile:


This just means that the thread that starts the process is running the first part of the process and issue happens after the first commit to the database.

Is there more you can tell me about your setup?
How are you deploying your processes, are you using a clustered setup? etc.