Asynchro job block workflow

After adding some asynchronous job on our workflow, the execution of some instance becomes slow and blocked in some area.I use embedded Process engine Camunda ( Any idea?
I’m using camunda 7.5.0, i have almost 20 service tasks with asynch property


You will need to start a job executor to run the asynchronous tasks. By default, a job executor is not started in embedded mode (see [1])




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the job executor is already activated but still the same problem, is there any explication why the performance is down, is there a specific type of configuration in tomcat server?

Thank’s an advance

Hello, I’m still facing the same problem, and i have not explanation, from the start of the process, when 15 process executed in asynch service task, only 7 and sometime 8 process continue the treatment, the other process stop in the service task, with no error and no exception.
Can anyone help me with this problem, is there a specific server configuration with a synch service task, it seems like some thread are locked up in the queue but no exception.
I’m traying to update to the 7.6 of command, but I don’t think that it will help me.
Thank’s an advance

If those jobs are rather long running, make sure that the job execution and daatabase connection thread pools are large enough (=> one job consumes one element of each when running). E.g. the execution thread pool is limited to 10 by default.

If this is not the problem, then please share the sources of an application with the minimal code required to reproduce it (e.g. on github).