Asynchronous Before/After will not set a save point when process instance meet Optimistic Locking Exception

As the title said , I think the Asynchronous Before/After won’t set save point . In my usage , when the process instance met Optimistic Locking Exception , it won’t roll back to the point (Asynchronous After) . Could you give some solutions?

Can you upload the model?
Then explain the issue with the model as context.

Hi @Niall , I will share my model to to you Parallel.bpmn (4.9 KB) . My process instance will meet Optimistic Locking Exception and one of the two tasks will execute successfully . After reading our official article , I knew " Asynchronous Before/After " can set a save point when my process instance meet some exception and will rollback to the save point . In my model , I set " Asynchronous After" to create save point but when met Optimistic Locking Exception the process instance will not rollback to the save pint but retry this task .