Asynchronous Continuation, exclusive?

What does it mean to have an exclusive set to true or false for an asynchronous continuation? I can’t find any documentation about that.


In my experience exclusive and asynchronous continuations are two distinct concepts. Asynchronous continuation basically determines a process execution checkpoint. As a consequence, process state is persisted and further processing will run in a different thread from the current context. Exclusive is about parallel process paths. Basically it’s easier for the engine to serialise parallel processing and that’s why exclusive true is the default. For advanced users, if they know that parallel execution semantics of their process are sound, they can change exclusive to false. This basically says to the engine, trust me and run these parallel paths concurrently if resources are available.
There is a section in the user guide on exclusive…


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see here for a description of exclusive=true|false and the context of it.


Thank you, I understand it perfectly now.