Authentication issue in Camunda 7.18


I am using the Camunda 7.18 Web Application.

Below, my contest:

  • I have two groups : group_1 and group_2
  • I have two users : user_1 and user_2
  • user_1 is member of group_1 and user_2, member of group_2
  • I have a model with TASK A, where I configure CandidateGroup with group_1

How can I restrict the user_2 to claim the TASK A to complete the task?

Thanks you for your help.
Akanksha Gupta

Hi @Akanksha,

you can find more details about the required settings of User task authorization here: Authorization Service |

It depends on the distribution you use (Tomcat, Wildfly, Spring Boot, Run) how to apply the settings.

Hope this helps, Ingo