Authentication parameters in Java clients in self-managed instances

Hello. I’m following the Camunda Academy Getting Started path in chapter “Getting Started with Microservice Orchestration”. The code in Java explains how to connect in an SaaS context. What about a self-managed installation? What would be the necessary parameters?

Hi @Milton_Borsato, welcome to the forums! It somewhat depends on how you’ve configured your Self-Managed instance, but generally speaking it’s the same configuration as with SaaS, just with values from your Self-Managed instance. The examples from our documentation include examples that connect to Self-Managed; for instance, check out this file and its comments.

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Thanks, Nathan! The following lines worked for me (it’s a default self-managed installation):

// Connect to local deployment. Assumes that authentication is disabled.
final ZeebeClientBuilder zeebeClientBuilder = ZeebeClient.newClientBuilder().gatewayAddress(ZEEBE_ADDRESS).usePlaintext();
final ZeebeClient client =;