Authentications.getFromSession() removed in 7.19


We are using 7.18.0 version. We have been using method to get the Authentication object from a logged-in session. (Even though the javadoc does not mention it )
We also use the following methods

  1. removeAuthenticationForProcessEngine(enginename)
  2. updateSession(HttpSession, Authentications)

We are upgrading to 7.19 and looks like this method is removed. May I know, which alternative method should we be using? Will Authentications.getCurrent() work?
What will be the replacement for removeAuthenticationForProcessEngine and updateSession()


Hi @Subijay,

You can have a look at:

  •, Authentications)

Please note that all of these were and still are private API, that is not recommended for use and is subject of change. That allow us to make improvements and adjustments of the code. The above changes were part of refactoring as well.

Hope that helps.


Thanks @Yana . It helped

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