Authetication using rest API

Hi. I’m looking for a clear example that:
1- login to camunda using rest API
2- get tasks after login (GET localhost:8080/engine-rest/task)

Imagine that basic authetication is enabled in camunda engine (filter is uncommented in web.xml). Using postman to answer, helps me to understand it better.

@M_Azizi Refer this example for basic auth with camunda.

thanks @ aravindhrs
but I’m looking for a simple rest API. I don’t want to be engaged with other sample for now.

Are you looking for postman example to access the camunda rest api? Refer this page for importing of endpoints via upload of a OpenAPI document

No bro. I’m familiar with camunda rest APIs and using them from a-z. But I’m confused how to Login using rest APIs and after authenticatican, call further requests. I want to see this senario in postman to be clear for me. thanks.

In postman, you can go to the authentication tab, select basic auth from the dropdown and then add the username and password of a user of camunda

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Yes. thanks @Niall . It works.