Authorizing List of Users

I have one userA belonging to Group A.
I also have a Group B with a list of users and a Group C with another list of users.
How can userA sees the list of users of Group B?

I tried to give the following authorization but doesn’t work:

If i give a “*” in the Resource ID, then userA has access to the whole list (all three groups) and I don’t want that.


The authorization looks good, but you have to create it as a group authorization, not a user authorization (since the resource GroupB is a group).

Hi Thorben,

I also tried it:

But still, userA can’t see users of GroupB.
I guess because in Users Authorization something is blocking it. What should I have in Users authorization?
(if I have no User authorization regarding GroupA (either as a group or its Users), then I don’t see any users at all!)