Autocommit issues

I’m using Camunda with Spring Boot and PostgreSQL. Recently, I’ve started getting an exception:

PSQLException: Cannot commit when autoCommit is enabled.

Turning autocommit off ( seemingly solved the issue. I have two questions:

  1. Do you now what can cause this exception in Camunda engine? The exception doesn’t occur every time the process is run and I can’t put my finger on a reason.
  2. Will Camunda working without autocommit cause any issues? I can’t find anywhere whether it should be turned off or on.

You can refer the below discussion of Cannot commit when autoCommit is enabled error.

Are you doing manually connection.commit() in the application?

Also ensure to keep below isolation level for database:

transactionIsolationLevel = READ_COMMITTED

Thanks, for the answer.
I’m not doing anything with database connection manually. Everything to do with db is done by the process engine.