AutoCompletet TaskListenr matches the ServiceTask

I have a process, the first node is UserTask and it has a create listener, and inside it is complete. The next node is ServiceTask, which queries historical tasks and obtains task information. I find that the Servicetask is in a transaction with the auto-complete UserTask, so the ServiceTask can’t get information about the previous task. Also, I made a websocket request in the ServiceTask and asked the front end to request the history, but there was no data in the history at this time. So I want to know how to control Camunda’s transactions, and whether I can control transaction commit through code to ensure that my ServiceTask can fetch data.
What I want to do is a notification node. This node is a ServiceTask, which queries service data and initiates an notification task

Hi @ysx1223,

In this chapter of the docs you can find all information about transaction handling and reasoning for it: Transactions in Processes |

Hope this helps, Ingo