AWS architecture

Hey guys,

I am looking for some best practice guide how to build you Self-Managed approach of Camunda Platform 8 in AWS clound. Do you have any suggestions what AWS managed resources to use?

I found in documentation the following setup that should cover 80% of use cases “a three-broker cluster with two Elasticsearch instances, Operate, two Zeebe Gateways and Tasklist”. So In that case the AWS arcihtecture would be like EKS cluster that has 9 cointainers, Application load balancer on top of that, some database (which one is better?).

I would appreciate any suggestions or links here. Thanks.

Hello @Nikolay ,

eks would be nice choice as we also provide Helm charts for setting up Camunda Platform 8 on Kubernetes.

There might be adjustments required to fit your infrastructure, but in general, this should be fine.

I hope this helps



Hi @Nikolay,

your basic questions are not discussed in this repo, but maybe it’s worth to have a look: GitHub - camunda-community-hub/camunda8-greenfield-installation: Kubernetes helm profiles and scripts to install Camunda8 on major cloud providers

It automates creating the AWS stuff as well.

Hope this helps, Ingo


@jonathan.lukas @Ingo_Richtsmeier thanks a lot for your suggestions