AWS Aurora (MySQL engine) with replication mode setup

Camunda will support AWS Aurora (MySQL engine) with replication mode setup???

Its mentioned like replication: & aurora: are not supported in docs.

Also in camunda v7.11 docs, mentioned that Aurora PostgresSQL was supported. What about Aurora MySQL support?


Hi @aravindhrs,

unfortunately, this setup is currently not supported. The list in the 7.11. docs you posted contains all environments that are currently supported.


@Miklas in camunda docs nowhere it mentioned it will support AWS RDS(MySQL) . but we’re using it and working fine for us. RDS MySQL does have any drawbacks???

Hey @aravindhrs,

we support certain databases that we test our software with. That does not mean not-supported databases do not work at all or have drawbacks. It simply means that we are not officially supporting them.
As we do support native MySQL, it is likely that RDS MySQL will work as well.


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@Miklas, thanks for the clarification. In that case, hopefully camunda will also work with Aurora MySQL as well.

@aravindhrs, did you ever try to use Aurora MySQL? if so, would you mind sharing your experience? thanks in advance!

@cmgalicia it should run without any problems.

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@cmgalicia In AWS Aurora choose storage engine as Innodb and MySQL version should be either v5.6 or v5.7.

Camunda is not supported/tested on other versions of MySQL.

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I think it is useful to note that you may be getting this to work, but in our official conversations with Camunda, they have specifically stated that they don’t support it.
Meaning, they never test against it. They don’t have end to end tests running on Aurora MySQL.
If you get into trouble and decide you’d like support from them, you won’t get it.