Become a Consultant at Camunda

Hi Community Folks.

A lot of people here on the forum have worked successfully with Camunda and subsequently choose to share that knowledge with other people in the community. I see a lot of Camunda users spending time helping people solve problems with Camunda and giving advice to people with a variety of problems.

I thought that if you’re the kind of person that enjoys helping people build cool stuff with Camunda, the likelihood is that you’re the kind of person that would really enjoy working as a Consultant. Feel free to check out some of these remote positions we have available.

Technical Trainer - English Speaking

Junior Technical Consultant - German Speaking

Technical Consultant - German Speaking

Or if you would like to be part of the team that actually builds Camunda itself there are a lot of open spots available. Just check out the careers page.


Hi @Niall

Is there any age limit for these job positions?

There is no age limit at all for candidates.
The posting themselves will be up as long the position remains unfilled.