Behavior of history cleanup

Hello masters!

I used Camunda’s Rest API by making a POST /history/cleanup?immediatelyDue=true call.

In my database, the act_ru_job table shows the following data, apparently indicating that I have a job for history-cleanup, but it seems to be suspended as far as I understand.


In my there is nothing configured for the cleanup, I just did it through the REST API

Based on the “lock_exp_time_” column, the expiration time has already passed… apparently it cleared some rows in the database but not all (and to note… I don’t have any instances running at the moment).

When attempting to cancel the job in question, I received the following log:

I would appreciate it if any of the experts, such as @Niall / @StephanHaarmann or someone who can help me or inform me something, could please inform me of what might be happening.

Thank you in advance.

William Robert Alves

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Hi @WilliamR.Alves,

From what I see, the clean-up job failed (retries=3).
To investigate this issue, you can check the logs. A common reason is that the database closed the connection/that there are too many items to delete.

Jobs are deleted via a batch operation. You can use the REST API to get an overview of active batches. Instead of deleting the job, you can try to delete the batch:

Well, retries = 3 says that the job is still active. With retries = 0, it would have failed.

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@Ingo_Richtsmeier Thanks for correcting!