Best Practice: Dealing with a changed username in usertasks


I am looking for some best practices and I hope you can share some experiences with me.

First of all I intend to only use the REST Api of Camunda 7 Engine.
Furthermore, I want to work with usernames which are not actually shared with the Camunda Engine (so no connected LDAP or smth.). so the engine itself will accept any username string I will POST or PUT.

I’ve got the general usecase, that my customer’s organization needs to change a username (the userId). Probably only one user is subject to a username changes but I also need to consider changing a lot of usernames.

How would I address this feature?

My first approach would be to just find all active usertasks assigned to the old username and put the new username.

I also wonder what to do with the history of completed tasks. I think they should stay untouched, but this would complicate viewing the history for old tasks (which then have an outdated userId).

Do I miss anything? Is it simply finding usertasks and putting a new userId? Are there other options to consider?


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