Best practice: number of elements


Is there any best practice on number of elements within a BPMN model? I do not see it mentioned on Creating readable process models | Camunda 8 Docs.

There probably is a reasonable cut-off (like 20 elements), how do you see this?

It depends of the purpose of the model. A strategic model intended as early documentation for stakeholders should generally use only the most basic symbols and probably about 20 or 30 symbols.

The priority with a model like that is clarity of purpose and clarity of scope. Generally speaking it doesn’t need directly represent how the process will actually be executed.

Executable models are on the the other end of the scale - while readability is important - it’s not nearly as important as functionality.

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Thanks. So I’m focussing on executable models and some guidelines on those. For example: no more than 7 activities, or you need to create a subprocess and move some activities there.

It seems like an unnecessary restriction to me - you should be using subprocesses to maybe hide complexity in some cases but really the number of symbols shouldn’t really matter.

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