Best way to model database interactions

Hello everyone,

I am currently developing a very simple web tool for database access. Basically the idea is: A user gets a sheet of paper and needs to access/modify entries in a database based on the content of the paper. Clasically, this is a simple web interface visualizing the results of SELECTs and allowing pre-defined UPDATE/INSERT operations. However, since there is a business process behind that that needs to be clearly documented, and I really like the idea of using my process documentation as my production environment to ensure that documentation and production are congruent, Iā€™d like to do it with Camunda.

So, the question: I need to be able to guide a user through the process for a single instance (the user needs to be able to start a process and then perform all User Tasks for this instance in order). What would be the best approach? Would I need to create custom web pages that interact with the Engine using REST, getting the instance ID from the process creating REST request and then, in each following step, polling the Engine for the state of the instance with that ID until it reaches the correct User Task in the process and can be displayed on the web page? Or is there a cleaner way?

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Hi @dabrowskiw,

the most easy way for such kind of user driven process would be to utilise the Camunda Tasklist ( and use embedded forms for the user tasks:

If you want to use another technology like vue.js or react, you can have look at Felix blogpost:

Hope this helps, Ingo

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