Better UI development for Zeebe

Hi all,
As am evaluating #zeebe Microservice orchestration tool as opensource replacement of our existing BPM. am looking for a front end UI development tool that can connect with zeebe tool.
Please guide me to on this
Pitchiah N

Hi @selvapitchu,

what exactly are you looking for?

A tool to create your BPMN workflows? If yes, did you see the Zeebe modeler?

What did you try so far?
What are the problems?

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Thanks phillipp for responding my question
1.yes i am aware of Zeebe modeler for creating BPMN workflow files , but am looking for an UI that i can submit my input values which needs to be passed for zeebe workflow.
2. and i want to know how to achive under cover agent concepts in Zeebe (like triggering workflow from external messaging system like redis )
Pitchiah N

Regarding your questions:

  1. So, you want to create workflow instances via UI? If yes, have a look at:
  2. I don’t know what you mean with “under cover agent concepts”? Please explain what this is about. However, you can read more about message correlation here:

Hi @philipp.ossler,
Thanks for your answers.
same that i wanted to achieve in zeebe , as am going to try the message correlation , but am not sure if that will going to achieve the UCA concept kindly clarify.
Pitchiah N

To trigger a workflow, use a client lib to publishMessage(), with the name of a start message event in a deployed workflow. It is simple to do. You just wrap that in whatever trigger you need, whether it is REST, or some callback from another library.

Zeebe has powerful primitives. There are not many “out-of-the-box” integrations at the moment, but they are simple to write.

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Thanks @jwulf
this answer is really helpful.

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