Bidirectional Client-Broker-Compatibility?


We would like to upgrade Camunda from 8.1 to 8.2. But I didn’t found information about Client-Broker-Compatibility in the documentation. So I don’t know how I can upgrade without causing any downtimes.


  • Can I update my Client-Libs before the Broker? For example update the client to 8.2.x while the broker still runs 8.1.x?
  • Can I update the Broker and leave the clients on an older version? For example update the brokers to 8.2.x while the clients still use 8.1.x-clients?


Hello @burki ,

I would recommend to roll over clients and broker one after another. While they are compatible, I had an issue with OAuth when using the 8.1 client with the 8.2 broker


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