Bind output of DMN to Variable


Earlier, we used to bind the output to process variables as shown below, but what is the current way to bind the output of DMN to process variables ?

Earlier Scenario:

Earlier Binding Sample:

Below is what I am trying:

My Sample DMN:

My Current Decision Task:

In the cockpit I am not seeing the value being set to the variable

My Version of Camunda - 7.18
My Version of Modeler - 5.6


the same binding options are available in 5.6 but they are visualized differently in the modeler - under Implementation section:

Hope that helps.


Yes you are right.

It was a bit confusing because the “Map decision result” dropdown is not visible until the Result Variable is entered. That made it look as if it was missing. Anyways good to know that its all there :slight_smile: