Block in pararal gateway

hi all:

I have three verify work in pararal. if one need update, it will return to submit form.
here is the state of one approve, one need update, one haven’t verify.

when resubmit, all approve, it stuck at pararal gateway with two activity.

Process_purchase_test.bpmn (14.6 KB)

so why and how to fix?

please upload the bpmn file.

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Thanks for uploading the process mode.
I think the fact the token is stuck is just one of many, many problems you have with your model.

I would say that you should consider reading the best practices on how to create readable models and start again with it.

Hi @thinkdoom,

With join parallel gateway:

Only if all incoming sequence flows have been signaled, the
outgoing sequence flow is signaled.

In below snip we have 3 incoming sequence flows and only two have been signaled “all three need to be signaled to get work continues”.


And I can confirm that as per the attached model we have so many scenarios in which this might never happen (Below is an example in which red path would never consumed since token has followed blue path)


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thanks for your answer.

I select “update”, goto first init task. (not the blue path “reject”).
so the first round , 2/3 arived at the join gateway. (should block)
and the second update round, 3/3 arived at the join gateway. (should not block)

dose it mean the active join gateway should be 1, not 2(what i encount now, shows in the last pic)?