Blue Prism RPA - Start via SOAP request

mainly I’m using Python and I don’t have experience in Java.
I already used Python for the external task worker but now I wanted to try something different. I want to start a RPA process via “send task” in Camunda itself - without the external task worker.

Which option do I have to choose as Implementation?

I think I will need a Connector or Java Class for this?

Blue Prism is working with SOAP.

In Python I start the RPA process with the following code:

from requests import Session
from requests.auth import HTTPBasicAuth
from zeep import Client
from zeep.transports import Transport
from zeep.wsse.username import UsernameToken

def req():
session = Session()
session.auth = HTTPBasicAuth(“user”, “password”)
client = Client(wsdl=“http://url:8181/ws/GenerateWorkQueue?wsdl”, transport=Transport(session=session))
op = client.service.GenerateWorkQueue(“test”, 100, “abc”)
return op

I just found this: Send Task |

Thanks in advance!

Hey @svenr,

there are probably multiple options here. The question is: Why do you want to diverge from the External Task pattern?

  • If you want to write Python code: maybe consider staying with the External Task pattern.
  • If you are fine with learning/writing Java code: implement this in a Java class and reference it.
  • You can also go for Python code in a Script task instead of a send task by including the Jython script engine in the Camunda Platform - but I would probably stay with the External Task pattern for better error handling capabilities and separation of concerns

Hope that helps in decision-making.