BPMN and DMN files of 4.0.0 compatible or not with camunda modeler version 3.7.0

Hi @Ingo_Richtsmeier @Niall ,

I have created BPMN and DMN files using camunda modeler version 4.0.0.

Now, we will be using camunda modeler 3.7.0 and engine 7.14. So I have recreated DMN files using camunda modeler 3.7.1 version as for DMN I understand fundamental changes has been made w.r.t latest version but didn’t redesigned BPMN files.

Do I need to re-desgin BPMN also to support in lower version which was designed in higher version of camunda modeler (i.e. 4.0.0)?

@Ingo_Richtsmeier @Niall Could you please provide update on above query?

Hi @siyaa21,

usually not. I can’t remember if any new elements where intoduced in 4.0.0 that ware not available in 3.7.1.

Hope this helps, Ingo