BPMN and DMN Integration, return intermediate decision results to the process engine


I have a business rule task that is implemented by DMN, as shown below.

The DRD looks like the following. The “Calculate credit score” decision table has an output “crediScore” (integer) which is used on “Evaluate client’s loan eligibility” decision table. The last decision table has an output “eligibility” (string).

What should I put on the business rule task properties panel, on the “result variable” field and on “Map decision result” field??


I want to return back to the workflow the both outputs (creditScore, eligibility) of the decision tables and not only the output of the decision table that is higher in hierarchy (here is eligibility).

Should I also add something on the “Input/Output” tab?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @smith_Johnson,

thank you for raising this up.

The DMN engine returns only the result of the root decision. In this case, it is the result of the “eligibility” decision. There is no way to configure the business rule task to return something else.

Instead, you need to include everything in the root decision that should be returned.

One common way is to include the result of the required decision as an output of the root decision. Here, you would add an output “creditScore” in the “eligibility” decision. The output entry is equal to the name of the output, for example, “creditScore”.

Does this help you?

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