BPMN file deployed but process definition is missing

I used the REST API function /deployment/create to deploy a bpmn file. After the file got deployed successfully, the database table ACT_RE_DEPLOYMENT has a record, but the ACT_RE_PROCDEF table is still empty, and no process definition was created.

Which REST API function should I use to insert a record into the ACT_RE_PROCDEF table? Thanks.

Can you post the model you’re using - It’s common that people for forget to tick the is executable tick box in models. this can prevent deployment.


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Thanks for the tip. It worked. This was asked and answered in the google group as well:


Been there… done that.

Later on, you might also want to make sure you’re looking at the correct (most current) version of your model when testing code. Camunda does a VERY good job at maintaining model versions - meaning that, once your model gets deployed and you begin testing, don’t forget to clean up instances prior to stepping through tasks/code (etc).

A trick I’ve grown to depend on is watching the server logs during deployments - checking to insure the model is both deployed and without errors. The Camunda server provides excellent verification at deployment.

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