BPMN Gateways and Checking Conditions

In BPMN, is it possible to check more than 1 condition in a single path of a gateway?
Ex: There are 2 conditions (A,B) which are having the same flow during a process. If we can do this, what is the right way to mention this in the flow diagram?

You would just need to add more than one variable to the condition on the sequence flow: #{VarA && VarB}

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thanks for the reply @Niall

Please check the attachment. In DMN, I’m using the output column entry in the sequence flow with the same wordings. So in my case my 2 conditions would look like “Bought New Car&&Bought New Bike” in the flow as per your idea.

Please check whether the way im following is right. if not, please provide your idea. Thanks.

Example DMN.dmn (1.4 KB)Forum Question.bpmn (2.8 KB)

you need the output to be added to a variable that is then tested in the expression.
What you have there wouldn’t make a lot of sense as an expression because they’re not variables and the result of the expression wouldn’t resolve to a boolean.

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Thanks for the reply @Niall