BPMN Model is shown in deployment menu but process is not displaye on cockpit

Hi @all,

I just started to deal with Camunda 7.6.0 and deployed an .war file on the attached tomcat server. The BPMN Model is displayed in the Deployment Menu. The Problem is that my process is not shown in the Process Definitions Menu.
To make it clearer I attach the corresponding server log file catalina.2017-01-18.

Could you please help me if possible?

Many Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

Uploading…catalina.2017-01-18.log (91.9 KB)

Hi @rlafraie,

Have you set the property isExecutable to true of your process?

Maybe you could share the latest version of your process?


Hi @roman.smirnov,

thanks for the reply. I already set it to ‘true’ but same problem.
You mean share the xml of the process?

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Hi @rlafraie,



gta final_camunda_version.bpmn (50.7 KB)

Hi @rlafraie,

Thanks for sharing.

As in your log visible, the bpmn process could not be deployed because of this error

18-Jan-2017 23:54:44.153 SEVERE [localhost-startStop-3] org.camunda.commons.logging.BaseLogger.logError ENGINE-16004 Exception while closing command context: ENGINE-09005 Could not parse BPMN process. Errors: 
* attribute 'messageRef' is required | gta final_camunda_version.bpmn | line 76 | column 79
* Invalid 'messageRef': no message with id 'null' found. | gta final_camunda_version.bpmn | line 76 | column 79

The message start event does not reference a message. For further details have look into 1.


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Hi Roman,

Many Thanks! Maybe this issue occured because I modeled the Process with Signavio and transferred it. Question: Are these XML statements generated automatically by modelling my process with camunda modeler?

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Hi @rlafraie,

In the camunda modeler you can set the reference by using the integrated bpmn-properties-panel. There you can easily create a Message element and set the reference to it.


Hi @roman.smirnov ,

I appriciate the effort you make and made. Unfortunately i spent the whole day to make the process definition work. I modeled the whole process with camunda modeler again and created messages in the receive message tasks. These were not setted in the properties. Another deploy was not successfull. I uploaded the bpmn and the log again. Maybe it makes the source of the issue clearer.

There is to say that no class or specification of the start event was made. Is this necessary to make it run on the camunda cockpit or at least display it as a process definition. I also connected Java Classes with the Delegate Interface. The Classes in current state have got an empty implementation. I also added a class with the ProcessApplication annotation like shown in the Getting Started Doc.

Hope you or anyone can help. It causes an headache to me.

Many thanks in advance and kind regards
gta_rating_process.bpmn (34.4 KB)

server log:

catalina.2017-01-19.log (228.5 KB)

You’re still missing the implementation required for the XOR gateways

It should look something like this:

for more information you can read the docs explaining how gateways are implemented.

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Thanks @Niall,

the process variables are defined and setted in the underlying Java source code, right? - Or do I have to define them explicitly in the BPMN?

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You can set it from a java delegate if you like - it would look something like this:

	public void execute(DelegateExecution exe) throws Exception {

		exe.setVariable("someProcessVariable", true);

But there is a lot more to process variables and other ways of creating them - you can read more about them in the docs.