BPMN model validator

Hi Dear Camunders and BPMNers,

I am currently facing a task how teach colleagues of BPMN so models can be used in Camunda.
I am thinking what is the easiet way how teach them validate their process.
I was thinking to show them how to validate a process through uploading a bpmn process to a testing environment or show them how to install Eclipse/InteliJ so they can build some projects but this seems too difficult for just modeling a process.
Do you have any better idea how to let people validate their process?

I have also found https://bpmn.io/blog/posts/2018-bpmnlint.html where it is mentioned that you plan to add such validator to modeler, do you have any news regarding the idea?

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the project mentioned in the blog post is already live. Check out the CLI utility as well as the bpmn-js plugin which allow to validate the diagrams.



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Hi @Michal_S,

you can also install the linting plugin in the local modeler of each user: https://github.com/camunda/camunda-modeler-linter-plugin.

Then they don’t need to upload their models.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Thank you @Ingo_Richtsmeier this looks it is what I am searching for since they would not need to install anything (and they might have it forbidden on their PCs)

I might be late to chime in, but in addition to check only on model level, we developed a tool that validates the interplay between model and source code behind delegates.

You can check viadee Process Application Validator and see if that fits your needs. It’s just a Maven Dependency and runs as a short unit test.



Thanks for suggesting this Sascha - not sure how i’ve never some across it before, it’s fantastic!

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