BPMN models as template/skeleton support with Desktop modeler


Target : Camunda 7

Is there an option to create reusable models as skeleton models and package them along with desktop modeler.
I understand the elements template and we are using them within service tasks which adds great value. However wanted to understand if the same concept can be extended at process level

Hello @harish_malavade ,

currently, this is not a feature of the Desktop Modeler and from my research, there is currently no plugin for this.

One option would be to create a plugin for the modeler which would allow for this:

  • store files in a folder next to plugins and element templates
  • allow a view on these models and create a new model from the template model.


Hi @harish_malavade,

some time ago, I’ve created a modeler plugin that adds a group of predefined elements to the palette for drag-and-drop on the canvas: GitHub - ingorichtsmeier/camunda-modeler-plugin-connected-elements: Example of a modeller plugin to add some connected elements by dragging them as a single symbol from the palette.

Hope this helps, Ingo


Thank you @Ingo_Richtsmeier . I was looking for more like the whole models as templates. May be what @jonathan.lukas suggested is the only option to store the models in the desktop modeler along with elements template and plugin while distributing is the best solution