BPMN Spot the Difference

Hi Folks,
I’ve create two BPMN models that are almost semantically identical, Process B almost does exatly what Process A does.
Thought it might be fun to let people try to work what is different is with Process B and what you an do to change Process B in order to make them semantically identical.

Difference 1 : In process B the timer event trigger ends the process

Difference 2: Process B will never end unless the incoming stop message is triggered.

I’ll post my full proposed solution next week :slight_smile:


Do you want people to post their ideas or keep them to themselves? :slight_smile:

I think it’s alright to post ideas.

Process B will not end just by reaching an end event in the bottom branch (regular or with an error occurring. It still requires the message in the top branch to come in. This could be “corrected” by changing all the end events into terminate end events.

A second difference is that if the two minute timeout occurs, process B will not execute the service tasks, whereas process A does execute them, whether the message comes in or the timeout happens. This can be changed by not continuing the boundary event to an end event, but going into the subprocess.