BPMN Start Event

I have some basic doubt in BPMN notation.

  1. Can i use multiple ‘None’ Start event in same BPMN?

  2. Can i use multiple ‘Timer’ Start event in same BPMN?

Hi @samaran43
“There can be a maximum of one blank or timer start event per process definition”

See below link

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@hassang Thank you so much for your response. Also can i use multiple Start event like “Message / Signal / Conditonal” in same BPMN or Lane?

Hi @samaran43
Based on the above link "There can be multiple message or signal start events"
And I think there can be multiple conditional start events but better to give it a try. But keep in mind that conditional start event can be used as start event of an event sub process, as intermediate event and boundary event

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Hi @hassang Thank you so much… Its useful for me.