Broken Links for the C7 translation files


I am looking for the webapps translation files for C7. So I visited Configuration |

In the “Localization” paragraph is a link to the following site: GitHub - camunda/camunda-webapp-translations: This codebase was moved to Only maintenance branches are active.

The from the github repository has links to German and English translations. But the links to the German files are linked to the English files (for Example:

But all links for German and English translations ended in a 404 error page from github.

I found German and English translation files here: camunda-bpm-platform/webapps/frontend/public/app at master · camunda/camunda-bpm-platform · GitHub (or deeper in the folder structure).

Btw: can someone give me an example, how I can add user-styles.css and custom scripts to a 7.19 docker run image? I don’t know where to store the files.

Thank you very much for your help.

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Hey Ironarrow, thank you for the feedback! I just submitted a PR to fix those links in the archived repo, and another to update the documentation.

I don’t have the answer to your other question about user-styles.css, though you may want to post it separately since the title of this post is about the translation files.

Hi Mia,

thank you very much. I will wait until the links were fixed and then I will open a new topic for my second question.

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