Broken pipe exception after creating a new flow

I am having a broken pipe exception in a call that propagates between 3 api’s and the connection breaks after Camunda has created a new process instance. I need to do a rollback of this instance, could you help me figure if there is a way of doing it without sending a new call to Camunda to delete the process instance that has just been created?

Hey @Alejandra,

So you would like to keep the process instance but roll back the other API calls?

One way I could think of is creating a new version of the process model that uses the compensation event and the compensation task. The compensation task could roll back the other API calls.

After deploying the new Model version to Camunda you could migrate the old process instance to the new version of the model.

I am not sure if that is what you are looking for?
Kind regards

Hello Nele,

Thank you for your reply.

I think I didn’t explain myself well.
To start a new process instance, i have to pass through 2 api’s before calling the Camunda jdk. The call fails with a broken pipe error while replying after the process instance has been already created. Do you know if there is to not commit the process instance until the call has finished?

Thanks again

Hey @Alejandra ,

can you describe in a a little bit more detail how the calls are preformed. What technologies are used? How do you like the calls to happen? In which order?

In general if the call has ended and the process instance is created. There is no way to roll it back. But there might be other ways how this could be handled/ solved but for that it would be good to have more details on the calls.