Bug in CMMN diagram. Order of adding item Milestone

Discovered a strange feature of the CMMN diagram.
The diagram operation depends on the order of adding items to it,
The order of adding a Milestone item is very important.

My actions (order of adding elements to the CMMN diagram)

  1. add item Stage1
  2. add item Milistone0
  3. add item Milestone1
  4. add item Task1
    The source code of the chart is.

    This chart does not work. The condition is Stage1 and Task1 isDBRequired = true. The variable isDBRequired is true initial before executing CMMN diagram

For the diagram to work, you need to correct the source code of the CMMN diagram, move the milestone item to the end.
The milestone element should always be placed at the end.

Edited version of the chart works.

I attach the working and erron version of the diagram
case_not_work.cmmn (6.4 KB)
case_work.cmmn (6.4 KB)