Build camunda webapp


I tried to build the camunda webapp after cloning from the site
Then i ran mven clean install

and deploy it in camunda tomcat . This tomcat distribution is obtained from

there I did - mvn clean install -Pdistro-ce,distro-tomcat

and the tomcat zip that is present in the camunda-bpm-platform\distro\tomcat\distro\target

I extracted it and inside the tomcat server wepapps there i deleted the camunda folder and put the camunda-wepapp.war obtained above and started the server

I got the login page, ther I entered the user demo/demo or jonny1/jonny1
but seems it is not working

Any idea how I can link the camunda webapp in my local repository to camunda-bpm-platform so that it is build and available under distro tomcat with the changes