Build dynamic output text in DMN

Hi All,

We are having a DMN table with rules and called via decisionService.evaluateDecisionByKey(). i wanted to build dynamic output text in DMN . For example if the “orderId” is '1234" the out put should be
"Order placed by order 1234 ".

I used expressionLanguage as “javascript” and “juel” approaches but it didn’t work. Anyone know how to deal with this

"Order placed by order "+header.orderId

Hi @Avinash_Walke,

Do you get any errors? If so, which ones?
In general, you can use expressions in the output column. If I recall correctly, you can access only variables used as an input. If “javascript” and “juel” expressions do not work as expected, you can try using a FEEL expression. "Order placed by order " + header.orderId
This expression expects a variable header which is a context variable (i.e., a JSON Object), with a member called orderId.

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Hi @StephanHaarmann,

Thank you for your replay, using FEEL expression it’s working now.