Build your own BPM with camunda bpmn engine

Hi everyone I’m new to camunda. I need to know if this possible to use only de camunda engine to build your own dashboard and process management over camunda bpmn engine only

Imho you can do that. Have a look at the comprehensive REST-API at

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Thanks for your reply @martinr1604. I will look at that doc that u put the link here and see if it will help me for what I’m trying to do with Camunda engine

@martinr1604 what do I need is only the Camunda engine and main function to parse and run the bpmn model as java api to add in my own project so I can build over it. I adding the java library that i found in the camunda documentation workin with spring but didnt get what I want or think I want kkk

Yeah, I misinterpreted your question. I haven’t much experience working with the embedded camunda engine. Maybe a experienced java developer can help.

What you’re trying to do is pretty straight forward.
You can add the engine to a spring boot application either by using the archetypes or by using

Once the engine is embedded you can using the java api to do anything you need.
Some people use JHipster along with Camunda to make easy intergrating with Javascript front ends.


Thank u @Niall I will try and will reach for you for more question :wink: