Business Key in Zeebe


In Camunda 7, for most of the cases business key was used frequently, during process instance creation and later for handling tasks.

In Zeebe there is no option of business key which can be used. And there is no option to get the process definition key which needs to be stored before. In order to create the process instance.

And business key was used to get the tasks which are active and completed using repository service and history service. What is the way in Zeebe to achieve the same.

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Hello @Naveen_KS ,

the business key was important in Camunda 7 as it was attached to the process instance entity and could therefore be queried easily.

In Camunda 8, each variable will be fetched as quickly as the business key. Also, message correlation is done using a correlation that can be different for each message event.

The process definition key is returned on deployment (like in Camunda 7) and can be used from there. If you do not happen to get the key from there, you can:

  • use the BPMN process ID to start the latest version
  • use an explicit version identifier
  • use the Operate API to query for the process definition key

Tasks are fetched using the Tasklist API where it is currently not possible to query in depth, but this is something we are aware of, so keep your head up.


In Camunda 7, there is a way to the active tasks and completed tasks using business key.
In Case of Camunda 8, In TaskList APIs, I don’t see an option which we can query at Process Instance key level. To get Active or Completed User Tasks for a given process Instance.

Either we should provide the Task ID for this we should maintain list of task ID for a given instance and or get the Tasks based on the the state(Created / Completed) passed.

When can we expect updates for TaskList APIs, which will make it easy to get the necessary details without much processing from our end?

Hello @Naveen_KS ,

you can expect updates for the tasklist api which will enable exactly what you describe:

Query by process instance key for example is something that is definitely missing but it is in the making.


Hi @jonathan.lukas, is there any tentative timeline for the same? When can we expect this changes?

Hello @Naveen_KS ,

without making promises, the Tasklist API should be capable in the upcoming 8.2 version.

To verify, you can stick to alpha released and check for the feature.


Thanks for the update!

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