Business Knowledge Modell not supported?

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is the use of literal or boxed expressions within Business Knowledge Models not supported in the modeler? (In the engine it is I guess)?
In the modeler I just see the xymbol. However it is not possible to add expressions like to the decision symbol.


No execution semantics are supported for the Business Knowledge Model.
What functionality are you looking to achieve by using it?

I would like to use them in the spirit of Alan Fish’s recommendation:

In short (see slides 15-17 above):
"For Scoping and estimating
• Decision automation = capturing & encapsulating business knowledge
• Scope of automation project determined by:

  • Decisions to be made
  • What knowledge is used to make them (and what is not)

• To depict functional scope in a diagram, use BKMs
• Single best predictor of effort for automation is quantity of knowledge to be
• To estimate, itemize and characterize BKMs
• DRD without BKMs gives you structure of decision-making, but you cannot
define functional scope or estimate costs & timescale of a project without BKMs

For Project Management:
• In Knowledge Automation I propose a top-down methodology, starting with
process and decision modelling
• Each BKM implemented as (e.g.) ruleset, table, score model, calculation
• Provides basis for:

  • increments of work
  • planning
  • work allocation
  • progress Monitoring

• All visible on DRDs for all project stakeholders
• Value of this approach far exceeds any theoretical cost of “additional invocation

For Delivery and Maintenance:
• BKM = package of knowledge to be built and maintained
• Delivery:

  • BKM is the natural unit for delivery, based on a logical decomposition of scope
  • Using BKMs only to refactor decision logic for re-use is bottom-up and opportunistic

• Maintenance:

  • Knowledge maintenance interface should reflect structure of DRD
  • Knowledge editors grouped according to roles and responsibilities of users
  • This does not necessarily correspond 1:1 with decisions"

And: Why do you have the BKM-Symbol if it is not usable for execution?

Hey guys,

any news on my DMN-question?
At least BKM is part of the DMN-standard and as far as I know supported by the engine. So why not modelling it?

My usecase would be to have different (non-technical) teams that provide, edit and maintain the DMN business knowledge models that are then offered to different decision services.

By using BKM it would be easy to clearly differentiate between (abstract) business knowledge and the specific DMN decision instance.

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Also interested if BKMs are/will be supported.

Stefan, did you find out anything elsewhere and/or find a work around?

Hi @calexh,

no updates on this side. There is no plan to support BKMs in the near future. However, feel free to open an issue and vote for it to show that this is an important feature for you!

Alternatively, there is a community extension that supports more DMN, like BKMs.

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