Business rules in multithreading environment

Hey Everyone!

I have a process that starts with business rule activity. That activity has a then block with date types. When I start processes in parallelStream I have an error that tells me about wrong date representation. But when I do the same thing in sequential manner everything is OK.

Question: Do you think is there a bug in DMN engine code that uses something that is not a safe-thread? some kind of usage of SimpleDateFormat as a class member instead of local variable.

Hi @dmitry,

thank you for raising this up!

Please share more information about the issue that help to analyze/reprocess it.

  • the whole error message including the stacktrace from the log
  • the version of Camunda you use

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Hi @Philipp_Ossler
I’ve created a minimal working example for that issue. please, take a look

There are two tests: MultiThreading, that uses parallelStream and SingleThreading, that uses stream.

SingleThreading is always passed
MultiThreading is always failed

Hi @dmitry,

that’s a good preparation. I recommend to open a new bug issue here:

thanks! done