Business Rules task and DMN

I’m having difficulty trying to call the dinner decision service from a Business Rules task on a BPMN model. To be clear I’m not trying to call the decision through the services API (at least I don’t think so), the DMN is getting deployed with the process archive I’m creating. The examples supplied in the docs all seem to be using junit which is fine to prove that the DMN works but I’m trying to integrate it into a BPMN and I’m losing something along the way.

I’m using the shared version (7.6.0) on Wildfly.

First off, it wasn’t clear to me how to configure the DMN engine (standalone.xml or camunda.cfg.xml). I decided that to go with the option of programatically configuring in the java API. So knowing not so much about java I added the following into the application class object, which is normally empty anyway:-

public class tpdApplication extends ServletProcessApplication {

	  public static void main(String[] args) {

		    // create a new default DMN engine
		    DmnEngine dmnEngine = DmnEngineConfiguration


Will that work? I’m referencing a bunch of libraries above as well so eclipse seems to like it so far, I’m just wondering what will happen when I come to compile it.

And I haven’t compiled it because I’m still trying to work out how to pass through the 2 variables for the dinnerDecision DMN example (“season”, “guestCount”). Can someone point me to an example where a decsion that requires variables and is packaged with a bpmn is called from the process?

Many thanks,


Hi Anthony,

maybe it’s the best if you start with the BPMN Get started. You will learn how to create a process application of a shared process engine. After that, you just need to create the DMN and add a business rule task to the process. Please see the User Guide how to configure the Business Rule Task, or have a look at the invoice example which is included in the Camunda distribution.

Best regards,