C8 and the SDLC

I’m wondering what the official story is around the software development lifecycle with Camunda Platform 8. (both SaaS and Self Hosted)

  • When one signs up for SaaS, do they get both a Development and Production environment?
  • Is it really a good idea to allow deployments of models from the Modeler? Where is the version control? The ability to go back to a prior known version? How are deployments controlled?
  • How do models move through Dev/Test/Production environments? Is there a platform level promotion tool or do we need to facilitate exporting the models, putting them in our source control, and coding the deployment API into our DevOps pipelines?

Hi DGilmour22 - great question!

Let me quickly answer:

  1. There is no technical difference between a dev and prod environment (probably sizing). So you can of course also create prod clusters with SaaS. Just that your trial account in default only allows you to create one cluster - but this restriction is only in the trial.

  2. and 3. Directly deploying from the modeler can be used - but it does not have to. If you have a typical CI/CD pipeline and version control, you might better add the model file to your development project under version control and deploy it during startup (e.g. via the Spring integration: GitHub - camunda-community-hub/spring-zeebe: Easily use the Zeebe Java Client in your Spring or Spring Boot projects).

Does that answer your questions?