C8 REST Connector Asynchronous Callback

I try to understand how the C8 REST Connector works. Looks like the REST Connector only makes a call to a REST API/URL and immediately completes the job upon response from the API/URL.

Is there a way to make the REST Connector not complete the job (similar to Zeebe client worker’s autoComplete=false)? I want to be able to complete the job manually via a callback to Zeebe later.

If so, is there a way to pass the ‘job key’ to the API/URL?

Hey @lsoewito and welcome to the Camunda Forum!
I just checked the documentation and so far it does not seem to be possible to have asynchronous callbacks with the out of the box REST connector.
But for sure it would be an interesting feature. I will note it down! :slight_smile:

To achieve this purpose a reusable service task might be the best way forward.
Let me know if you need any further assistance!

Thanks @Hafflgav.

Yes, one alternative is a reusable service task. Another option is to wait for process message in the BPMN model itself. This requires the REST API to be able to publish the message.

Btw, what is the timeout limit of the REST Connector when calling a REST API/URL?

Hey @lsoewito,
took me some time to figure this out for you. :smiley:
We do use the Google HttpRequest class with has a default timeout of 20 seconds for GET requests.


Thanks so much, @Hafflgav